The Best Medicine

I work with some great people at Evans Hunt and Village Brewery. I also get to play with an awful lot of seriously engaged cool people in this city. I consider myself to be a very very lucky man in so many ways. In this post I just want to show you three very simple gifts I was given while I was tucked away in the hospital.

At Evans Hunt I don’t have an office, I love the freedom of it. Instead I have a couch. A very stylish retro couch that used to live in Dan’s basement. I have a little glass table that rolls over in front of the couch and serves as my office table. It’s a bit bigger than my computer and has room for my hot cups of water.

I am surrounded by smart, funny and protective people. They’ve let me sleep on the couch and protected me so I can sleep when I need. The last time I was out of the office sick they left me a blow-up-doll to keep my office warm and welcome me when I came back.

While I was in the hospital this past week Lisa and Sarah decided to show me that they were thinking of me and sent this picture from my office couch.

sarah and lisa 1.jpg

I responded with great laughter and then it began....more pictures of a double decker Lisa & Sarah sandwhich.

Then others got into the fun. I can imagine not every office is this fun, nor are the people as funny and genuine as these fine folks. 

Then on the Wednesday Julia and Molly from Village were at an event for CAMP HOO-HA. A women's group created from the mind of Melanie McKay in which grown women assemble, learn stuff and earn badges. Kinda like girl guides but with booze. 

On this evening Julia and Molly were educating the women on all the nuances of beer. At one point this video was made and sent to me. I was beyond thrilled. It's moments like this that remind you that all the good you put out comes back to you two-fold.

And on Thursday I was supposed to be speaking at an event being run by Jay Baydala of Good Pin called #SOGO (Social Good). But alas I was tied to an IV bag and a bed in the middle of a beige room. No social good was being given by me. Fortunately my pal Avnish picked up the slack and took my speaking engagement...but that didn't stop them from sharing the love of the evening and sending me this lovely note - Jim you're the Zeitgeist.

Remember when I said Cancer was a gift. Well, these are yet a few of the examples of those gifts. 

As Tracey always says, people are my soul food, and while I would rather not have spent 6 days in a hospital, it's these kind gestures that make it that make it an easier to manage.

Thanks everyone. You are indeed my soul food.

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