Life is easy.

There are people out in the world that you have known for many years, and they are the foundations for your life. These are the people you grow up with, share life learnings with, make mistakes with and in the end are the ones that really count. I've known Carla since I was in Grade 10, so that's a long time. And I've always admired her, she is funny, kind, smart, athletic and is married to my long time pal Garth. Well, it can't all be glowing.

She sent me this note last night. It's one of those emails that normally should knock you off your feet a bit, but the calmness in the email was quite refreshing. Just like Carla. 

I've asked her if I could share her note because it's important that we are all there to support each other. Talking out loud about things like disease, or mental illness or feelings of being alone, scared or angry are very important. The more we share the better we are.

We are truly better together.

I love you Carla. Keep on keeping on sister.


Hey Jimmy, 

I love to read your Blog for the sincerity, brutal honesty, laughter, and 'Buttonesque' anecdotes on life. One entry that I read a while back has stuck with me in the most positive way and it involves your wonderful Mom. 

"During those nine months I would fly out to Ottawa and have some great conversations with her. I will always remember lying in bed with her and asking her 'what are the three most important things I need to know", to which she replied, life is easy so don't make it difficult, be kind and laugh a lot. I haven't forgotten Mom and I try to practice these" daily.

Those three little words stuck to me from the moment I read them. Life is easy....NOBODY ever says that (well except Barb Button!) But really, nobody ever says that. 

The neurologist tells me that I have Early Onset Parkinson's Disease which is a good thing compared to the other stuff they ruled out. It is what it is. And so I am arming myself with knowledge around slowing progression, treatment options, diet and exercise etc.. But my new mantra, LIFE IS EASY has made everything feel like it is going to be ok!

And I am so incredibly grateful that you shared that beautiful moment you shared with your Mom. Powerful words that have changed my mindset. Thank you!

Love you Jim,


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