Sports Medicine

If there is one thing that is guaranteed to make me feel better mentally and physically it's sports.

Playing sport is arguably my best medicine and I need to get more of it in my calendar. I'm not talking about running, walking or going to the gym, I'm talking about competition. Running on a treadmill or sitting, lifting weights or sitting on a stationary bike are actually torture for me. My mind needs the action that comes with playing against others.

I don't need a winner and a loser but I certainly need the pretence around that ideal. I say this because I got to play soccer yesterday with 26 kids and parents from the neighbourhood. That sport was pure fun and I didn't care who won. I did work hard to make sure it ended in a tie so there would be an all player shoot out though.

My Superjocks friends can attest to my enjoyment of a tie game settled by other methods.

But my second soccer game of the day was pure competition, I really cared who won the game. I was playing with my 035 Mens team up at SAIT on a beautiful pitch overlooking the city. The night was beautiful and calm. Their team looked like they had quite a few 35 year old players and they ended up winning the game. But it didn't really matter.

Well, it did a bit, and I did do a bit of yelling at the referee cause he really was bad.


But regardless of losing I felt freakin awesome simply cause I was back out on the pitch again with the lads. 

I wasn't as fast as I have been, nor was I frustrated when I had to come off the field like I used to be (I could run for a whole game and rarely get tired). My lungs and legs ain't as used to the rigour as they used to be - I think I need to work on that.

But being with a team working together, the competitive component and for sure all the adrenalin and endorphins really can take me out of my body and into a spectacular place. 

I love sport and I need to do more of it. I have to remember to find the time to organize or schedule more in to my day.

Competitive sports is my medicine.

Oh, that and Sutent. 

And meditation.

And sleep.

And eating well.



Plan ahead

Life is easy.