What Doesn't Kill You.

Not going to lie, this was a week of endurance.

Now don't get nervous, the week is over and I'm still standing. Well, actually on the couch or in the bath. But I'm in good spirits and getting better as I recover from many of the adventures of the following six days. Let me tell you some of the highlights:

  • Monday: Two hours of dental surgery to replace a crown. 7 needles for some reason.
  • Tuesday: Went to the lab and gave blood.
  • Wednesday: Oncologist meeting.
  • Thursday: Second Recliner Session on IV.
  • Friday: Surgery to replace stent.

And since Tuesday I have had a bad cold complete with the usual shit that is going on for many. Cough, runny nose, headache and body pain. The usual. But it sure as hell compounded all the other adventures.

And it seems having a tube put in your throat does not in fact make your sore throat any better.

When I look at all this it makes me realize the decision to go on sabbatical was the right one. So hard to work when you have 20 hours of medical meetings a week. And that's not counting recuperation time.

Oh, I didn't tell you that? 

Yup. On a sabbatical. Avnish said disability was the wrong term. A agree.

And while it wasn't easy, it had become obvious that I needed to spend more time looking internally and taking care of myself.

For a while. 

But without a doubt the toughest part was a very difficult conversation Tracey and I had with our  son.  He has made the decision to leave first year University and will be coming home. In large part due to my health, and naturally a healthy dose of first year fun.

As I sit here typing this I am happy he is coming home but I am also feeling bad that my health has contributed to his challenges this year.

But as we all know, this is but a blip in his long journey and both Tracey and I are proud he made this decision on his own. Family time, a renewed focus and reigniting the Happy Jack flame is going to be good for all of us.

So, ya, a tough week on the surface but so many big positive decisions, a second Nivo session and hopefully an end to this cold will bring it all to a big beautiful reunion.

Oh, and I'm stuck between Sabbeertical or Sabbathical. 

Leaning towards Sabbathical personally.

PS. And again, what is super important during all this is the fact that Tracey has been an incredible force of compassion, strength and courage. She has kept everything together for the family and I cannot thank her enough.

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