Long Weekend

It was not an official long weekend, but for me it was soooo frickin long. Couldn't sleep either Friday or Saturday nights due to pain and discomfort. And for most, if not all of the weekend, the only spots I frequented were the bed, the bath and the couch. I did take a quick walk on Saturday but that was short lived.

As I type this Monday morning (10:38 am) I am on hold at the Tom Baker waiting to chat with the triage nurse to get some advice. I will give my prognosis while I wait to chat with the nurse. 

This is LIVE action people.

While I think I am on the right track and do feel better today after a decent sleep last night I figure it is always safest to keep my team up to speed on my challenges as you never know what they may suggest.

As I see it this could be one of three challenges, and may be a combination of all elements.

Could be that this is normal pain after the surgery, although I don't remember it lasting this long. There are sharp pains in the upper abdomen which I can imagine is normal. Wish I could really remember the last three. 

Of all things I miss the most it's my memory.

The second problem could be that this pain is as a result of the stent migrating and the enzymes are not making it to their designated path. I doubt this is the challenge and the only reason it enters my mind is that my coughing and sneezing due to this darn cold make me wonder how much the pressure on those could impact a stent. I'm guessing none, but paranoia has set in.

Third thought. There is a lot of gas put into my belly during this surgery and that in combination with some of the foods I have eaten may be causing an increase in gas pain. I am also still quite constipated from the surgery so the combination leads me to believe it's just gas and will get better.

Just got triaged (10:48 am). Now waiting to get a call back from the nurse. 

Nurse called back (11:16am). Her suggestion was to call the GI Doc and discuss as the pain began with the surgery. Not really the answer I was hoping for but I understand her position. 

One of the challenges with the medical system is that you have to truly advocate for yourself as everyone seems to be silo'ed. The only person that can really piece it all together is yourself.

So, I think my solution is to wait for a day and see how it goes. Calling the GI Doc will require another investigative endoscopy and most likely unnecessary if I am going to him prematurely. May go to the lab and get a blood sample taken as the less invasive way of knowing if the stent has migrated would be to see if my lipase levels have gone up. But will wait a day.

For now I am going to try and take another day to heal and see what tomorrow brings. I have had a habit of trying to push things so lets hope this is the case. 

Gotta get zen.


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