Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday 

Easter Sunday 

Yesterday the family was invited to a very special brunch at Nic & Pats place. It was quite lovely as our family took the time to dress up in our Easter clothes and it felt very special being out together. 

This past while it had become more and more difficult to participate in beautiful moments like this as I've been suffering quite a bit of abdominal pain and my energy levels are seriously low. I'm finding I can only handle one, maybe two activities in a day - and usually one of them includes a chore such as a Dr appt, lab work, banking, etcetera. So going out with the family was quite special.  And I was grateful.

But while I was out something dawned on me, or did it dawn upon me? Hmmm...

It was another reminder that you are not promised tomorrow, there is no guarantee of anything, so it is imperative that you make the most of each moment. 

My reminder was those goddam scalloped potatoes.  Oops, sorry, it's Easter Monday. My bad.

Two gosh darn beautiful full trays of scalloped potatoes. 

And ham, and roast beef, asparagus, gravy, salads and of course the bi-annual Gods Gift of Salmon wrapped in pastry. 

Then there was the wine, beer, cakes, sweets and, and, and... 

Sorry, let me get to the point. 

I truly relished catching up with old friends, and most of all I loved showing off my family as many people hadn't seen Jack and Amanda in a long while. 

But my point is this. ...


And enjoy each and every bite. Then if you feel the occasion is special enough then eat more! 

As someone who is losing weight daily and is having a very difficult time with the pain of pancreatitis let me tell you I relish (yum I keep saying relish...wait, what? I hate relish) the thought of being able to walk around that table and put all my favourites on a plate.

And then contemplating the fine balance between more brunch or switching to dessert.

I miss being able to eat without immediate painful repercussions. 

And yes I am conscious of the fact that we need to consume appropriate amounts for proper health and I am not pushing anyone off their paths. 

I'm just saying don't take the joy of eating for granted. I know I did. 

And yes, the food theory aligns with the ongoing philosophy of taking good care to make today as full as possible. 

I'm hoping a new stent on Friday solves this present setback...a minor five month setback, and that I can make myself a big pile o' scalloped potatoes. 

Umm with low fat cheese, skim milk and no butter. Or salt. 

That day will be my Easter dinner. 

And gosh darn it I will savour each and every bite. 

Happy Easter Monday friends. 

PS I asked Jack to describe the scalloped potatoes to me while at brunch, it was divine. Unfortunately I tucked my head into his chest and pretended to sob as he described each detail. That may not have been appropriate in a crowded room when everyone is aware that you are dealing with cancer. It ended with big laughs, but I sensed there were some sketchy seconds prior to stopping our charade.

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