Gastrointestinal Rubix Cube


I'm so very confused about my gut.

But before I tell that story let me share a few other stories from today.

Got to run into my partner in crime '1kidneyMike' at Tom Baker. It was the first time we had crossed paths in the hospital and it was great to briefly share our respective stories in a way only those experiencing the adventure can do. And of course he was well dressed which was great to see.

Decided to drop in the brewery for Hump Day Social and ended up doing my new beer launch presentation. It was a last minute scenario but for the brief time I was speaking to the crowd I actually felt no pain.  We launched a beer called the Village Hitman with Bret 'The Hitman' Hart and I gotta say it was quite special to be able to honour Bret for all he has done, including awareness and fundraising for cancer. We have worked together on a few occasions and each time I am reminded how kind and compassionate he is. 


I also asked the assembled crowd to share in a moment of silence for Lois Lockwood. She was one of our original beer baronesses and she recently succumbed to her own cancer battle. I always loved her for her quick wit, thoughtfulness and her consistent desire to do great work.

Three great people each at different phases of cancer. And each added to my day today.

Now back to my gut and it's conundrum.

I was at The Tom Baker meeting with my Oncologist and was honestly thinking I was going to be told my lipase levels were super high as I have been dealing with excruciating pain in my belly. I recently have assumed my stent was blocked or migrated and as a result my pancreatitis was back.

The pain has been consistent in my upper abdomen for weeks now but occasionally, immediately after eating, the pain hits such a high note that it drops me to the ground immediately and it takes a good half hour to recuperate.

So when I was told my lipase was low the diagnosis has become a bit of a mystery. 

It's not pancreatitis so what could it be?

For now the rubix cube will continue to be spun as it could be such a wide range of issues, which I will be working to solve on Friday with my GI surgical team. 

As the pain is immediate it makes sense that it could be an oesophageal or stomach issue, like an ulcer, a spasm, or perhaps diamobility in the oesophagus. Or it could be due to the bile duct issue and maybe the gall bladder is the culprit. Or maybe there is a colon blockage.

Or maybe I should stop trying to guess and wait to ask the professionals.

Whatever it is I really want to solve it as it is causing a lot of pain and certainly the weight loss has become problematic. 

Dr R wants me to keep working the CBD and THC to help with pain, but he also prescribed some narcotics that I am always hesitant to try...but at least I know pain relief is there if I'm stuck.

Tomorrow I get to do my Nivo and will use that positive momentum to at least reduce some of these darn tumours. 

So ya, a good day on the pancreatitis thing but WTF on the rest of the gut...




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