Great News. Bad Night.


Ok, so sometimes shit can go sideways really fast, like it did last night. Literally. 

And then once it’s done going sideways it has a way of making everything better. 

When I got home from volleyball I had a hot bath in an planned effort to reduce pain today, I also had a bowl of ice cream with a warmed chocolate chip cookie as part of my celebration. 

Then I got in bed, then I got out of bed, then back in and back out again. I did that six or seven times throughout the night. 

Now I’m not sure what happened but I have been up all night with diarrhea, and I suspect it was my body saying ‘slow down dumbass!’ 

This reaction has happened before, like when I played two full soccer games back to back in the hot sun. So at this point I’m not concerned. I spoke with Nurse S. this morning and we are going to keep an eye on things. Personally I’m just going to drink lots of water to rehydrate and get some food in my belly as I’m starving.  And I don’t think I need the BRAT diet just yet but I’ll stay close to it just in case.

But all that seems irrelevant right now as Nurse S gave me the best news I could ever hear, well maybe not THE best, but pretty damn awesome news. 

My Amalase is normal and my Lipase is down to 150. It looks like my pancreas ain’t so pissed at me right now! I’m not going to jump too far to a conclusion but this certainly seems to be a good directional moment. 

And it’s yet again another moment where I sat on the porcelain bus all night and ended still up being seriously optimistic.  

I’m weird.

Here’s the link as a reminder.  http://www.gatherwithjim.com/blog/2016-8-26-fully-completely-20-days

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