Miss Muscle Mass


I’ve been lying on my back for so long that my muscles have taken their mass, and I didn’t have a lot to start with, and did an exit stage left!! 

While I kinda noticed it in tennis and volleyball, I really noticed it skiing yesterday. In tennis and volleyball it was more about hand eye coordination, in skiing it was strength I missed. Normally I would ski fast and with abandon and not break a sweat unless I over dressed. Yesterday I found that stopping half way to catch my breath and rest my legs was an imperative. And we were skiing in what Tracey calls ‘Hero Snow’, that soft spring skiing snow that makes turns so nice and easy.

Either way you slice it though, yesterday was as good a ski experience as I could ever hope for. Skiing with my sweetie on a blue bird day in the bright sunshine was as good as it could get. At least I thought that was the pinnacle, the day became even better as the afternoon rolled along as we ran into, and skied with, all our old Fernie friends. Which of course was followed up with ápres ski on the very same deck where Tracey and I held our wedding reception 22 years ago.

So even though I miss my muscle I am not without full appreciation that I was able to ski and have laughs with old friends. These moments are the inspiration to keep on keeping on.  

I just have to believe the more I do this the less I need to visit the beige walls of the hospital. 

No matter how much I ski like a gorby, or as Tracey reminded me, like I skied when we met.


Iron Man

Great News. Bad Night.