On Saturday, in the midst of the physical chaos of eye surgeries, endoscopies, blood transfusions, high Lipase, etc.,  I am giving a TEDx Talk.

i don’t say it this way to be a hero, I set this tone to let you know that my talk fits squarely into my ability and desire to be on stage and share ‘Why I am Here’. 

The theme of this TEDx is ‘You are Here’ and I’ve twisted it to be a story of how I have been intentional in choosing to live with cancer vs be dying from cancer. I’ve chosen to be fully alive each day and not in a fight or battle with a terminal disease. 

Your mindset is everything, regardless of your own personal journey, moments can be easy, hard, isolating, full, chaotic or calm, but the path is yours. I just wish for the choice to be yours as well. While we each have our path to walk I do believe we are somehow connected so sharing the good and the bad moments allows maximum support for when the path is difficult on your own.

I’ve chosen openness, sharing, mindfulness and purpose to fill my sails.  

I can guarantee you that purposeful activities like this help me in such incredible positive ways each and every day. It’s a balance but certainly the experience is worth the effort.

Even if the timing is questionable. 



Jumping the Shark