I have had quite a few requests for an update on my CT Scan, and I apologize for not getting to it earlier. Looking back at the last couple of days I can see I was in a bit of shock, maybe disbelief, or even sadness. Most likely all of them.

Now before I continue it’s important to know I truly feel all these emotions are natural and an important part of the journey. I’ve felt them all before, especially back between November and April when I was seriously in physical trouble. 

And an important part of my journey has been my positive mindset and desire to recognize both the lows and the highs. You must go through one to enjoy the other, and I’ve had leveraged both to get to where I am today. So when I say sadness, disbelief or shock it’s cause I spend so much time on the positive side of the equation that setbacks rattle me for a few days.

Today I feel much better mentally, although physically the internal bleeding is still really affecting me. We’re working on a strategy but may take some time and I will eventually get to explain another cool procedure that modern medicine has concocted! 

Now to the scan. I have had growth in many of the existing spots such as the pancreas, peritoneal cavity etc, but some new spots primarily on the liver. It wasn’t the best of news and is evidence that the recent treatment wasnt successful. The next treatment that we want to try is a drug called Cabozantinib, but alas one of the side effects is, you guessed it, internal bleeding. So I need to get existing issue under control before we proceed.

Again, I was in way worse shape 16 months ago and this is another hill to climb. But I’m in a good mental spot and looking forward to the TEDx talk tomorrow. I have enjoyed putting my thoughts together on the whole journey and am continually reminded that my days are full, I get joy from so many simple things and I feel totally comfortable during all these crazy, winding, ups and downs.

And it’s only two coupons per ride. 



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