Father’s Day

Photo Neil Zeller

Photo Neil Zeller

Yesterday we had an early celebration of Amanda’s 18th birthday so her friends from Calgary could share the milestone - Amanda is in Muskoka during her actual birthday and has yet to have the locals participate.

I am not even sure I can put in to words to elation I felt when seeing her sitting amongst her friends. She has such a strong confidence, a natural poise and sense of self, she is funny, thoughtful, caring, and arguably the smartest in our family when it comes to so many things, including emotional intelligence. 

Yesterday meant a lot to be able to share in that moment. Especially when you know that you do not take those moments for granted. 

Yesterday I also got to watch Jack go through an incredibly stressful day and handle it with grace and respect. He has such a strength of character and love for all those around him.

He had to work in the morning, attend a ceremony of life for a good friends parent and then rush home to set up for his sisters party at the brewery as his parents were at TEDx. All while his long time pals were calling him to find a way back to them for their pong tournament. And for the record at 20 on a Saturday night a pong tournament with lads you’ve known for your whole life is a real draw, especially when you’ve all been away at university and lead busy lives without many chances to connect. And if you know Jack you know people is his jam. He’s kinda like pops that way.

But he was there for his sister and his parents. And without a single negative thought about doing so. 

These are two simple observations from yesterday that made me wake up with a smile today. Tracey and I are so very lucky that we have such incredible offspring.  

Of course we take a lot of credit for who they are but we still appreciate the awesomeness of each of them and the strength of our family bond. 

Family first has always been our motto and it’s during these tough journeys that you get to reap the rewards of a lifetime of focus on the family as the most important entity.

Tracey often tells the story of when our first child was born. It was a tough birth for both Tracey and Jack so there were complications, I had to leave an emergency situation that Tracey was dealing with to focus on Jack’s health. It was scary, but it all eventually worked out and when Tracey was able to come down and see Jack laying bare chest to bare chest with me I guess I said ‘I just realized I’ve been waiting my whole life to be a Dad’. 

And it’s true. This little unit of four is all one could ever ask for. And today I get to make it a focus of my joy. 

Now where are my damn pancakes! 

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