Life Stinks Sometimes


I stink, like I mean I really stink. Like clear whole malls and bring in hazmat suited teams to figure out the nerve gas that has been dropped on unsuspecting shoppers kinda stink. 

Like Pepé Le Pew would look at me sideways with green rage cause I’m more potent than him kinda stink.

A serious side effect of the internal bleeding is the blood that rests in the gut thus giving me toxic smell production super skills. Probably could be an X-Men candidate.

I think you get the message. Stay clear you have been warned. 

And I feel like I just jumped a skunk instead of a shark.  

But sharing is caring.

See what I did there.


Oh and now that I’ve gotten the humour well in hand, I should probably let you know that I had a preliminary conversation with Dr. R. yesterday regarding the leaky tumour. Seems stopping the blood isn’t as easy as I had hoped. We are setting up a consult with an interventional radiologist to see what the options are. There is a catheter and long trails of them scoping through arteries, or was it veins, and complicated micro submarine traversing my insides involved.

Ya, I may not have the full picture yet.

At least that’s how I’m visualizing it, they go in through my pelvis and travel all the way down a highway to get to the leaky tumour site with the hopes of cutting off its blood supply.

And I’m hearing getting there is one challenge, the other challenge is to ensure they don’t inadvertently cut off blood supply to another organ.

I’m told it’s risky for me. And I’m not sure if there are other options. And I’ve been told that doing nothing is also risky,

Hmmm, things that make you go hmmm. 

This is the part where a positive mindset becomes super valuable. I’m in limbo waiting for information, waiting for some action, waiting for some physical relief from the atomic build up in my pantaloons.

But while I wait I don’t think about it, and I certainly don’t think about the catastrophic side of the equation. Instead I think about the smell of the rain this morning, the great lunch I’m about to share with Tracey and friends and the million other fun little things that will make me smile today.

The meeting will come and a plan will be made. 

Oh, but in the meantime there is some relief for you guys coming my way, I just ordered charcoal underwear online!!


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