Patient Patience


When I talked yesterday about being tested for patience as a patient I did it knowing that there was a good chance I may end up in another waiting room today.

Right now I am in the emergency waiting to see what’s up with the pain in my abdomen. My left inguinal region had a pain that started 3-4 days ago. Yesterday I didn’t take my usual pain killer so I could assess the situation a bit more. While exploring the pain site I found a cord like firmness on the left side and in comparison the right side was normal. I’ve never had any trauma or hernia in past so this is something I couldn’t figure out on my own so I connected with my Oncologist as the pain was telling me it shouldn’t be ignored.

Aaaaand he sent me to emerg for a cat scan.

Not 100% sure what we are going to find but from my layman’s perspective it’s either tumour growth or I aggravated something when I moved a heavy box. And if it was the box then damn I’m weak and in need of muscle as it wasn’t worthy of what I’m going through.


I just got the results of the scan and there is nothing too nefarious going on. Slight increase in tumour (grew from 5.0x3.5 cm to 5.6x3.5 in last 8 weeks) where the pain is originating from but that doesn’t really account for any major concerns.

Interestingly enough the pancreatic headmass has reduced slightly and we suspect it’s due to the duodenum embolization surgery two weeks ago.

Some other areas saw reduction in tumour size however the liver saw an increase. I’m going to call it a tie game…although the liver does give me pause as it’s what both my Mom and Dad eventually passed away from.

But, back to the reason I went in today. The prevailing thought isn’t cancer related instead that it’s either ligament or maybe a hernia. Either way nothing nefarious so I was released for good behaviour.

I also had a physiotherapy appointment right after leaving emerg to deal with the neck pain and numbness in my hand, and while we were between those projects we looked at the abdomen. Again same conclusion.


So I’m going to take it easy (cancelled my golf game on Sunday) and keep an eye on it.

Perhaps my patented patient patience will prevail and I will be putting again soon.